We have, over the past decade, been able to provide clinical as well as radiological diagnostic services of superior quality in tandem with advanced technology at affordable prices

Laboratory Services
Clinical Biochemistry
This department encompasses analytical chemistry with aspects of physiology, Pathophysiology and Diagnostic Medicine. Its scope of investigations ranges from assessment of organ function and endocrine glands to therapeutic drug monitoring and drugs of abuse. 

It is equipped with biosystem fully automated Biochemistry Analyzer with automatic probe cleaning, onboard stabilization and automatic dilution along with Access Immuno Assay System for automatic calibration and sample detection by barcode chemiluminescence.


State of the art technology.

Fully automated auto analyzer utilizing liquid chemistry technique.
STAT result capability, urgent results can be delivered in few minutes.

700 tests/hour
Bar coding of samples and reagents to avoid any mixing of samples.

High quality automated analytical blood sample is conducted on HMX 5 part & Actdiff 3 part Beckman Coulter along with stood and urine examination manually and microscopically. In Cytology we do FMAC and gynic cytology(Pop smear).
The services cover investigation of infection and infectious diseases caused by pathogens as well as the areas of sterilization, disinfections, immunization, antibiotic therapy and identifying infectious agents in body fluids. 

The various techniques to identify microorganisms include chemical, immunological and genetic tests, examination under a microscope, and staining. we have automated analyzer for identification of microorganisms.

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