Research Investigators of our institution are well experienced in conducting clinical trial protocols and have about more that 100 Years of cumulative experience in the field of clinical trials and have conducted about more than 100 International, Multicentre, GCP clinical trials in Phase II, III and IV. We have executed more than 40 clinical trials in the field of Endocrinology, Gyenecology, Cardiology, Neurology, ENT, Opthalmology, Surgery, Paediatrics and Psychiatry.

Dr.Paramesh Shamanna is a leading investigator in the field of endocrinology and have conducted more than 70 clinical trials in Phase II, III and IV.

Dr.Paramesh Shamanna is well trained in ICH – GCP, Schedule Y and ICMR guidelines and have been trained by US FDA.

As an Investigator he has faced FDA, EMEA, PMDA and DCGI Inspections with no observations and have been praised for quality of the work done by him.

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