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      Laser hair removal
      Botox for wrinkles
      Follicular unit hair transplantation

      Tattoo removal

      Micro Dermabrasion
      Cosmetic surgery
      Lip augmentation
      Pimple treatment
      Removal of warts and unwanted moles

      Rhinoplasty :Correction of nasal deformities like Saddle nose, Hump Nose, Bulbous Nose etc., is called Rhinoplasty. Done under local or general anaesthesia.

      Facialplasty & Blephroplasty :Done to give younger appearance to old. Can be done under local or general anesthesia.

      Double Eyelid Blepharoplasty: Done to change the looks from caucasian(Chinese) to oriental (Europian).

      Lip Cosmetic Surgery: Lip Augmentation for thin lips and Lip Reduction for thick lips.

      Chin Augmentation: Mainly done with silicon implant.

      Otoplasty for Lop ear correction

      Dimple Creation: Dimple which appears on smile can be created.

      Removal of Facial Lesions: Mole, Nevus, Leucoderma, Scars, TattooMarks, Pappiloma etc. can be removed cosmetically with minimum mark.

      Other Cosmetic Procedures: Botox for wrinkles and Fillers mainly for Nasolabial sulcus.


      •Liposuction : Removal of fat by suction method .Mainly done for abnormal deposition of fat in abdomen, thighs, hips, legs and arms. Minor liposuction is done for double chin and face. Done under general anesthesia. Require few hours to one day hospital stay.

      •Abdominoplasty :Along with removal of fat skin is also tightened . Main indication are obesity with laxity of skin after delivery. Require one day admission. Done under general anaesthsia.

      • Gynecomastia correction: Removal of male breast tissue by cosmetic incision.

      • Augmentation Mammoplasty: Hypomastia (Small breast) can be Congenital, Post lactational and post menopausal. Augmentation is usually done with silicon gel.

      • Reduction Mammoplasty: Done for hypertrophy of breast or asymmetry of breast.

      • Mastopexy (New skin bra): Done for ptosis or laxity of breast tissue. Breasts are given beautiful shape. Nipples also get proper position with this operation.


      • Penile Lengthening: Size of penis can be increased without implant.

      • Hymen Repair or Restoration of Virginity: Done under local anaesthesia. Require no admission. May be combined with Vaginoplasty and labiaplasty.

      Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

      Beautifying Surgery of Female Breast

      Breast Enlargement

      Breast Lift

      Breast Toning

      Breast Reduction

      Male Breast Reduction

      Nose and Chin Surgery

      Beautifying Surgery of Eyelids and Brows

      Suspension Surgery of Face

      Beautifying Surgery for Face

      Removal of Scar Marks

      Resurfacing & Polishing Surgery of Skin

      Male & Female Sex Organs Surgery

      Permanent Removal of Unwanted Hair

      Surgery for Baldness (Hair Transplantation)

      Suction Lipo-plasty (Liposuction)

      Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

      Body Shaping Surgery

    • fat-reduction1.34411140_std fat-reduction2.34411317_std
        •        Suck away your excess body fat in a jiffy with LIPOSUCTION - FAT REDUCTION SURGERY. A dream of every woman today is a slim and trim physique which is possible for any woman with LIPOSUCTION and transforms mental poise and vigor to more favorable outlook on life in general. The process is relatively simple as all that is required is only a small incision. The suctioned spaces in the fat layer collapse after surgery, resulting in an improved contour. In short, it is a body contouring procedure. No skin is removed, so there are no conspicuous scars. The tube is inserted through a small incision in the crease line or shadow line, which does not leave behind any scar mark.

          The fat cells that are removed by LIPOSUCTION do not grow back. The best results are obtained in healthy persons who have localized accumulations of fat, which are impossible to eliminate simply by exercise or dieting. For an average patient this whole procedure could be done under local anesthesia, as an office procedure, so that there is no need to get admitted in the hospital. .

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